Japanese Mentai Iwashi
Japanese Mentai Iwashi Japanese Mentai Iwashi

Japanese Mentai Iwashi 日本烤沙丁鱼 4.9oz/bag

Iwashi Mentai是烤沙丁鱼,里面塞满了以福冈著名的辣椒腌制的鳕鱼子mentaiko。

Iwashi mentai are grilled sardines stuffed with mentaiko, the chilli-cured pollock roe famous in Fukuoka.


Storage 储藏

Keep in fridge Please keep in the refrigerated, good in 60 days after received,or follow the instruction on the package. 产品在冷藏60天,或遵循保证提示的保质期。

Instruction 食用方法

The item is fully cooked and ready to enjoy it; or reheat it. 产品为熟制品,开袋即食;,或根据个人需求加热烹饪后使用。

Steam the product together with Steam rice. 将产品与蒸米饭一起蒸制,或与米饭搅拌使用。


For those with allergies, cross-contact with other foods (like wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and, shellfish) may occur and our ingredient information may not always include such foods. We will always make the best effort possible to communicate all of the foods used in our meals.