Chinese Dried Duck 7.5oz/bag


The Chinese Dried  was created around the Southern and Northern Dynasties. It was first seen in the "Enema Method" of the Northern Wei Dynasty "Qi Min Yao Shu", and its law has been passed down to this day. More famous are Cantonese sausage, Sichuan sausage, Jiangsu Rugao sausage, Zhejiang pig and beef mixed sausage, Hunan big sausage, etc. Various sausages have different processing methods and characteristics. Chinese sausage has no starch, can be stored for a long time, eaten after cooking, delicious flavor, full-bodied and rich, long aftertaste, more chewy and more fragrant, far better than other countries' enema products, is one of the traditional Chinese specialty foods, well-known at home and abroad.

Among the Chinese bacon meat products, the most popular are the Cantonese-style bacon, the Hunan bawei and the Sichuan bacon. Among them, the Cantonese-style bacon is the “absolute protagonist” on the bacon market.

The Cantonese-style sausage is made by slashing the lean meat after being slashed and fattened, and then adding it to the natural casing or artificial casing and then drying it. Because the Cantonese sausage is added with more sugar and wine, the high heat and high humidity environment makes the Cantonese sausage form a unique flavor.

Cantonese-style sausage has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, bright color, mellow aroma, delicious taste and thin skin. Cantonese sausages are available in a wide variety of colors, including raw sausages, old sausages, fresh duck sausages, waxed silver sausages, pig heart sausages, lean pork sausages, sausages, shrimp sausages, egg yolk sausages, and rose pork sausages. Beef intestines, chicken intestines, duck sausages, mushroom intestines, squid intestines, scorpion frozen and several kinds of Dongguan sausages with local characteristics.

Storage 储藏

Keep in fridge Please keep in the refrigerated, good in 12 Month after received.

Instruction 食用方法

  1. The sausage is uncooked; just reheat in the microwave for about 120 seconds until heated through. 广式香肠是非熟制品;,需在微波炉中加热约120秒直至加热通过。
  2. Cut the sausage into thin slice and fry with other vegetables. 将香肠切成薄片,与其他蔬菜一起烹饪。
  3. Steam the sausage together with Steam ric. 将蒸肠与蒸米饭一起蒸制。


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